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Smokey Hollow Studio Tour

Saturday June 2

Sunday June 3



The Smokey Hollow Studio Tour is a self-guided tour in the heart of Downtown Waterdown, featuring some of Waterdown's working studio spaces and their artists. June 2 and 3, 2018 marks the launch of the first Smokey Hollow Studio Tour as part of the larger Country Artist Tour; featuring the open studios of Monika Schaefer (Garden Art), Corby's Custom Framing and Escarpment Artists (Artists in the Country). The Smokey Hollow Studio Tour is a proud signature event of Hamilton Arts Week.

Studios will be open:

Saturday June 2 from 9:00am to 5:00pm
Sunday June 3 from 11:00am to 4:00pm



Historic Waterdown & Events
Griffin House Arts Culture & Innovative Business Centre
23 Griffin Street, PO Box 170
Waterdown, ON



Studios and Artists

Creativworks art studio

23 Main Street South
Waterdown, ON
Upper Floor Studio

Wendy Eckert

Wendy has expressed her artistic nature through photography, interior design and various crafts. Two years ago she joined a class at the CreativHub and began to paint with acrylics. She explores a variety of subjects including streetscapes, seascapes, boats and motorbikes in addition to to completely commissions for clients. Her skill has progressed quickly - she is pleased to have her work on display at several area locations.

Sara Cuthbert

Sara is a self-taught artist and photographer who has exhibited her work internationally, won awards and sold commissioned artwork around the world. Sara's passion and obsession has always been animals, creating their power and beauty through her drawings, paintings and photography. When not in her studio painting or travelling the world with her photography, she teaches drawing and painting at the CreativWorks Art Studio in Waterdown.

Valerio Racca

Valerio has been painting , sculpting, printing, sketching, and building with one form of art or another, for as long as he can remember. He is an adventurer and explorer in the art world, always enjoying the challenge of self discovery through the use of new materials and techniques. He has won numerous awards, but no longer enters juried exhibitions, merely working for self satisfaction. We are please to be able to share an incredible sampling of his long life of creating.

Ingrid Estrella

Ingrid Estrella's paintings depict the bold colours that remind her of her childhood home. Having been raised in the Dominican Republic, the Stoney Creek based artist has an affinity for beach and nature scenes, vivid flowers, and lush landscapes. Ingrid uses acrylics and mixed media and paints on canvas and live edge wood. A Decorative Artist by profession, Ingrid has been a student at CreativWorks for the past two years.

Creative Insight Pottery

23 Main Street South
Waterdown, ON
Main floor Studio

Linda Boyle

Linda Boyle has been creating handmade soaps and bath products since 2012. Her craft is self taught and she now teaches others through her Soap making Workshops at Creative Insight Pottery. Using colours and design techniques to translate the inspiration from each of the fragrances used. The unique design of each soap makes each a mini work of art. BathBombs and other bathing products are also created to coordinate with the soaps. 

Katia Liberato

Katia Liberato, a graduate of the Sheridan College Ceramics program in 2003, winner of a scholarship to the Intensive Glazing course at Metchosin Summer School for the Arts, Betty Kantor Award winner, and a featured artist at various galleries and exhibitions.Her passion for pottery does not stop at creating beautiful pieces, but also in creating a space where more people can come to feel good and be creative.  A place where anyone can learn the skills to create but also where they can feel free and comfortable to explore their own selves.

True North Gallery
Zoso Art Studio

23 Griffin Street
Waterdown, ON

Heather Starks

Award winning teen artist Heather Starks will be on site to draw your portrait. The Manga style of comic drawing is one of the fastest growing trends in Animation and Graphic novel. See yourself transformed into a comic book hero! Heather also takes Commissions for Family Portraits or Composites, and Bookings for Weddings, Parties and Corporate Events. 

Karina Kulawick

Karina Kulawick is a mixed-media visual artist who is currently studying at the SCAD University.  On her own time, Karina paints with watercolour/acrylic/oil, she works with glass and resin, wood and resin, and incorporates watches and other materials to create her innovative pieces. 

Dorino Zoso

Dorino Zoso was born in Castelgomberto, Italy in 1935 and immigrated to Canada in the late 50's. He has been creating Copper Wall Art for the past 30 years.

Waterdown Goldsmith

9 Mill Street South
Waterdown, ON

Joan Kirby

With over 25 years experience in the jewellery industry, Joan's award winning work has been featured in various publications and television programs. She has dedicated years to honing her craft and the result of her hard work has been described as creative, unique and technical at the same time.

Great Lakes Jewellery by Kristen Kirby

Growing up in the industry, Kristen has 10 years of experience. Primary working at Waterdown Goldsmith as a bench jewellery, Kristen has branched out and started her own company. Great Lakes Jewellery was started in 2016 and continues to grow. Focusing on her love of nature Kristen infuses natural forms with minimalism.

Red Glass by Rita Cooney

Rita Cooney, of Red Glass, has over 30 years experience working in many forms of glass art. Her love of glass began with Stained glass windows using copper foil technique. Mosaic windows and table tops soon followed. It was inevitable that Rita would then discover fused glass art. Combining classic artistic principles with modern techniques and flair, she has created numerous pieces of stunning art. Her work has been exhibited in galleries and on the walls, windows, and tables of many discerning private customers. Rita is the resident artist at Waterdown Goldsmiths, and shows at Toronto’s Cobalt Gallery.

Requiem Tattoo and gallery

64 Hamilton Street North
Waterdown, ON


Anthony is the owner of Requiem Tattoo & Gallery in Waterdown. A tattoo artist and oil painter, his work in both mediums focuses on realism.

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